Thursday, November 30, 2017

Magical Nights

During the second week of November I went to Disneyland and California Adventure. I took my Nikon Camera but honestly did not take lots of photographs. I sort of felt like "seen it, done it". I was a little upset with myself for feeling like this. Later I realized why I had these feelings.  You see, we've been going to Disneyland every year in November for the more than 5 years and while Disneyland is great and all we always end up doing the same thing. We hit the same rides in the same order and I think I'm just sort of over it. I want to take my time and look at all the nooks and crannies, enjoy the parades, do some shopping on main street, people watch and if I have time get on some rides. But every time we go, I feel like we are rushing to get on the most rides possible. Basically I want to stop and smell the damn Disney roses! 

I feel like I sound ridiculous complaining about this, but I'm just writing out my feelings. I wont deny how magical it is to be in the parks at night and enjoy all the beautiful lights. When I see the beauty that surrounds me I feel grateful for the opportunity I have to enjoy these visits and that I have a husband that takes time to spoil me even when I'm a brat.

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P.s. I wasn't actually acting like a brat, I always make the best of situations and try to have a good time and I did. 

Sunday, November 26, 2017

How I Spent My Thanksgiving Break

I've been very busy lately and I have neglected my little blog. I spent about 90 hours of my life dedicated to something that will bring me nothing but the feeling of breaking up with friends. What have I been up to you might ask? Oh you know, binge watching a show on Netflix and getting fat.  I've been really busy binge watching Mad Men. Yep, a show that ended in 2015. Guys, why didn't I jump on the Mad Men band wagon when it was airing? I'm low key in love with Don Draper and Roger Sterling. Must now watching anything with them. 

For real though, my husband and I got caught up in the Mad Men world and forgot about everything else. Today on my last day of thanksgiving break, I realized I probably could have spent my 4 days off doing something more useful. I have no regrets though, I enjoyed every episode. It was interesting to see how the work place was in the  '50s & 60's and how women were treated in the workforce.  Aside from Don Draper I think my favorite character was Roger Sterling, he always had something funny and inappropriate to say. I enjoyed the costumes, story lines, and characters of this show.  While I'm still trying to digest the ending, I have an over all happy feeling with how the show ended. Would I have done something differently? perhaps, but that smile at the end made me think everything would be okay.  

What do I do now with the rest of my life?

Hot Autumn Day, Part 2

I chased a sail boat on a hot autumn day back in October. I followed it until I was no longer able to see it and I was met by bird on a wall of rocks.  As I chased the sail boat, the sun shined on the water like a sea of diamonds. I live for days like these. 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

A Hot Autumn Day, Part 1.

A few weeks ago in October we had a hot weekend that demanded a beach day, Along with my husband and some of his family we planned a quick trip to the beach. We thought we would get there early, ride bikes and then wash off the sweat in the ocean. That is exactly what we did, well with the exception of getting there early.  Sharing some of the pictures I took while riding bikes from Venice to Santa Monica. If you would like to see my other post of Venice or Santa Monica here they are:

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I didn't realize I had that many Venice/Santa Monica post, sorry.

p.s. I have one more post coming.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Still Life?

 I follow an account on Instagram of a photographer who moved from New York to France, she enjoys taking still life photography of beautiful flowers, fruits and bugs she finds in her town. She shares the entire process of the photograph on her Instagram story. I enjoy her stories so much and I dream of living such a beautiful experience in my life.  

Feeling inspired by this account, I decided I would give still life photography a shot. I did some research on Pinterest, spotted some good props at Trader Joe's and scouted my moms house for the rest. I'm not 100% happy with the results, but I do like the tones I used. I liked the variety of fruits and vegetables I used.  I didn't have a rustic old looking back drop so I used the outside of my house as a backdrop, which I really really didn't like.  I also used a small table and realized it was too small. The glass container is from my father's collection. I don't know the contents because it has not been consumed since he passed away. 

I definitely need to work on my photography skills and will give still life photography a second chance. I need to be 100% satisfied, so stay tuned.