Sunday, November 5, 2017

Still Life?

 I follow an account on Instagram of a photographer who moved from New York to France, she enjoys taking still life photography of beautiful flowers, fruits and bugs she finds in her town. She shares the entire process of the photograph on her Instagram story. I enjoy her stories so much and I dream of living such a beautiful experience in my life.  

Feeling inspired by this account, I decided I would give still life photography a shot. I did some research on Pinterest, spotted some good props at Trader Joe's and scouted my moms house for the rest. I'm not 100% happy with the results, but I do like the tones I used. I liked the variety of fruits and vegetables I used.  I didn't have a rustic old looking back drop so I used the outside of my house as a backdrop, which I really really didn't like.  I also used a small table and realized it was too small. The glass container is from my father's collection. I don't know the contents because it has not been consumed since he passed away. 

I definitely need to work on my photography skills and will give still life photography a second chance. I need to be 100% satisfied, so stay tuned.