Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sunday Recap

This past weekend was warm in Southern California so my husband and I decided to visit a small local zoo, these are my pictures from our visit.  

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Art & Antique Street Fair

On Saturday my mom and I accidentally found ourselves at an Art & Antique Street Fair. I've never really been into antiquing, not because I dislike it but because I guess I've never really had the opportunity. So as we started walking through the fair I started snapping away.

Don't mind the Garfield plush, these boots and bongo jeans will make a pretty awesome outfit for a country theme party, don't you think? 

We saw a set of four chairs that spelled out "Home" but I was thinking "Me" would be better, my mom not so much. #selfish

New hats made to look old.

We came across this cute couple...

and a child's book.

I was surprised to see the different collections people have acquired through out the years,  miniature alcohol bottles....

matchbooks from various bars and cities, 

and balls!

As we kept walking I found myself paying attention to all the treasures women collect. From the time we are young girls we start with dolls...

As we get older we begin to collect jewelry. 
We treasure our bridal attire and try to preserve it for as long as possible.  

As we continue to grow we try to find our signature scent in the hopes that it will trigger a memory for a loved one.

As we gain confidence with our own skin we begin to be a little adventurous with our attire and while some styles are classics some we wish we could completely forget. 

I thought this gal looked pretty adventurous with her warm big hat and sparkly necklace. 

 We buy and collect things that interest us but sometimes the things that make us feel pretty, sophisticated, stylish and classy are our personal treasures. 

The last art piece I saw at the fair was of this classy sophisticated lady. I imagine it would look beautiful mounted in a big gold frame hanging in a museum wall or in my house. 

I only bought a broach for my mom but I must say I did see a lot of treasures and I hope all my junk will one day be considered an antique treasure.