Thursday, May 18, 2017

'Tis the season...

Wedding season that is! Are you guys ready? I have a wedding this weekend and it's the first one of the year. This wedding has been in the works for more than a year and when I first knew of the date I thought wow that is so far from now, but like always time escapes us and before we know it the year has passed us by. I've been feeling so crummy that I'm really looking forward to this wedding. I'm looking forward to dressing up and getting glam. I've decided that even if I'm feeling crummy, I'm determined to have a good time! 

Thursday, May 11, 2017


Why do teenagers think they're hot shit when they don't know shit? Maybe that question was a harsh way to start a post. Seriously though, teenagers want to be original and unique but fit in at the same time. Sometimes I wish I could knock some sense into the teenagers in my life and let them know that they're missing out on a lot of things because of their attitude. I know that being a teenager and making mistakes is part of life and growing up. I know, I know you learn from your mistakes. It's just that some mistakes can be very painful and tough. Some mistakes can be avoided.

After spending some time with some of the teenagers in my life, I realized its not entirely their fault. Lets face it, sometimes the parents are at fault. Sometimes I wish I could tell the parents that they're being stupid on how their raising their kids. That the path they are permitting their kids to continue on will probably lead to no good.  That the choices and actions as a parent, influence the lives of their kids and will probably effect them throughout their lives. Its crazy how an outsider can see all of this but the people in the middle of it can't.

p.s. This photograph is far from perfect and probably can't be fixed with editing but it reminds me of  the teenagers in my life. For reasons I can't explain, I sort of like the blurry haziness of it.  Anyway, just thought I would provide some insight of this photo.

Sunday, May 7, 2017


When the year started I told myself I was not doing a new years resolution, I was going to be selfish and do one thing for myself every month. Its May now and I only did this 2 times. Lately I feel like I've done the opposite. I feel so overwhelmingly busy that I feel like I have no time for myself not even for my own personal grooming and I'm tired of it. I have been thinking of how tired I am and wondering how did things get to this point? I came to a realization. I got so caught up with working hard and staying busy to distract myself of the loss of my dad that I lost myself.  I sort of gave up on myself. I guess I felt this at the end of the year and that's why I felt like I had to at least do one thing for myself but still haven't mastered this plan of mine.  

The loss of my grandma helped me realize this. When she died, once again I felt like I had missed out a lot. I stopped frequent visits to avoid feeling sad and partially because I was really busy and didn't make time for her. I'm tired of it! I'm tired of working, I'm tired of being responsible for others, I'm tired of dealing with people, I'm tired of WORK!  I feel like I need change, I feel like I need a mental break. I want to wake up and exercise, go on a hike, eat a breakfast at my own pace and read  a newspaper. I want to take time to do my makeup. I want to learn how to sew. I want to spend an entire day with my mom. I want to do something fun with my sister. I want to go on a vacation with my husband. I want to do things that bring me joy. But how do I do it?

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Another Loss

Can you believe May is here??? April was supposed to be a month of relief and relaxation but it was nothing but that.  Work was so busy and stressful, which lead to some extreme teeth grinding at night, which lead to a broken tooth! Wait it doesn't end there! Dealing with the major tooth ache I had to rush to the hospital for something unexpected. Something unexpected yet expected at the same time. My father's mother, my grandmother had suffered a massive stroke. This was not the first stroke she had suffered but there was no coming back from this one. 

My grandmother was a single mother of eight. She loved all her children and always made family unity a her main goal.  My father was very close to his mother and when my dad was alive they would talk on the phone every single day,  multiple times a day! Because of their close relationship my grandmother was a big part of our lives. 

My grandmother was very funny and knew how to tell a great joke, something she shared with my dad. After my dad died she had a stroke and was not really herself anymore. Losing her first son made her fall into a depression and this did not help her recovery. When all this happened we really made an effort to visit her on a weekly basis but with time we slowly stopped. My visits stopped mainly because every visit made me feel very sad.  It was very selfish of me but I think during that first year I had to be a little selfish to make it through the days, weeks and months.  In retrospect, I regret it. 

I can't turn back the hands of time and all I can do is move forward. I live with so many regrets and I will probably never be able to let go of them. All the pretty memories I have with my loved ones help me get through the days, weeks, months and years. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Filter Needed?

How do you guys feel about filters or edited photographs? I don't mind some filters or minor editing techniques, but I don't think I'm crazy about pictures that are heavily edited that it almost changes the entire photograph. I feel like a camera is like a time machine, a photograph can transport you back in time or to a beautiful destination. So if a photograph is altered it just doesn't seem real to me. I know I'm weird, but that's just how I feel. I honestly don't use filters or editing techniques very often.  If I had to categorize my digital editing skills, I would classify myself as novice. I'm debating whether or not I should purchase Photoshop or any type of photo editing software, what do you guys think?  

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Last Week: Las Vegas

Last week after the Superbowl my husband and I headed to Las Vegas! It was our first mini vacation for 2017. It was a last minute trip but it was quite perfect.  We arrived after the Superbowl crowd had vacated and it almost felt like we had Vegas to ourselves. 

On this trip we stayed at the Treasure Island. We dined at the Wynn buffet. OMG you guys! This is the prettiest places I have ever ate at. It is a little pricey but it's so beautiful, I recommend you try it a least once just to get it out of your system. We did a little gambling but didn't win, oh well! We took a long nap which felt so good. Your probably thinking "who takes naps in Vegas?!?!" Ha Ha! I know that sounds like something old people do, but honestly we felt tired and we thought that this time instead of walking up and down the strip we should rest and enjoy the comfortable hotel bed. 

To end our mini vacation, we went to the Michael Jackson One show at the Mandalay Bay. This show was amazing!! As a kid of the 80's, I grew up listening to Michael Jackson and it brought back so many nice memories. There were so many moments in the show where I just wanted to jump out of my seat and start dancing. I didn't, but I could see that other spectators felt the same way.  So whether you like Michael Jackson or not, I strongly recommend you check out this show because it's well worth the money and time. If you can't watch the show I recommend you visit the Mandalay Bay and check out the theater and shop where the show is held because they have some awesome memorabilia. 

P.s. The lens for my Nikon camera broke! I'm debating whether to buy a new lens or buy a new camera, so in the meantime I'm using my iphone for pictures. I apologize for the poor quality pictures. 

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Night on Broadway

So this year I decided to skip the whole New Years Resolution's drama, instead I decided to do one thing a month that was something that I truly wanted to do for myself. Whether its something fun, pampering or personal but its something selfish for myself. The reason for this is because sometimes we get so caught up with our daily lives that before you know it the month has gone by and you didn't do anything for yourself and your left with "one day I will...". So I guess you can say 2017 is a going to be a very selfish year for me. Now don't get me wrong, these 12 things I plan to do I don't necessarily plan to do them all by myself, I will definitely enjoy the company of others. These 12 things are just things that I'm going to make sure I carve time to do for myself. 

Okay, so now that I've explained my 12 things theory lets jump into my first thing I did for myself for the month of January. It was something I've wanted to do for the past 2 years and it involves food, downtown, lights, carnival rides, and much more. Downtown Los Angeles has created a festival that takes you back to Broadway, a street that holds historic theaters and businesses that have amazing architecture and history. The festival is for all ages and all cultures. The entertainment ranges from chess boxing to Mariachi performers. So this year my husband and I jumped on the metro and headed downtown. Our first glimpse of this festival was boxing.

 I don't know if these are professional boxers, but it was fun to watch. 

Oh you know, just some Lucha Libre fighters having a conversation. I wonder what they were talking about. 🤔

The first theater we entered was The Million Dollar Theater. It was so nice to walk into this theater and listen to Mariachi music. The singer had an amazing voice and the mariachi performed flawlessly. It was amazing to see that people of all cultures were enjoying the performance. I wish I would've had better pictures of the performance to share with you guys but I was enjoying the show and honestly didn't have the opportunity to snap better pictures.  

We decided to eat dinner at the festival, in search of what to eat we decided to go into Grand Central Market just to take a looksey of possible food options. Of course we found lots of options but we decided to keep walking and circle back if nothing on broadway was enticing. As we kept going we saw so many interesting people and acts. 

After walking a few blocks we decided a cheeseburger was the way to go. Oh my GOD you guys, this burger was so good.

When my dad was still alive, we would go to downtown every so often and he would like to drive down Broadway and tell us how when he first came to the United States he would shop on this street, and watch acts at these amazing theaters. He would talk about how clean and new it all looked, and how he was in awe of this amazing city. So for me to walk down these streets and finally walk into these theaters was very emotional. I held it together and thought of him along the way. 😢 Lets keep going because I didn't want this to be a sad post. 😉

Some of the artwork that was on display that night. 

As the night ended we made our way to the metro station and jumped on the subway.