Wednesday, November 15, 2017

A Hot Autumn Day, Part 1.

A few weeks ago in October we had a hot weekend that demanded a beach day, Along with my husband and some of his family we planned a quick trip to the beach. We thought we would get there early, ride bikes and then wash off the sweat in the ocean. That is exactly what we did, well with the exception of getting there early.  Sharing some of the pictures I took while riding bikes from Venice to Santa Monica. If you would like to see my other post of Venice or Santa Monica here they are:

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I didn't realize I had that many Venice/Santa Monica post, sorry.

p.s. I have one more post coming.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Still Life?

 I follow an account on Instagram of a photographer who moved from New York to France, she enjoys taking still life photography of beautiful flowers, fruits and bugs she finds in her town. She shares the entire process of the photograph on her Instagram story. I enjoy her stories so much and I dream of living such a beautiful experience in my life.  

Feeling inspired by this account, I decided I would give still life photography a shot. I did some research on Pinterest, spotted some good props at Trader Joe's and scouted my moms house for the rest. I'm not 100% happy with the results, but I do like the tones I used. I liked the variety of fruits and vegetables I used.  I didn't have a rustic old looking back drop so I used the outside of my house as a backdrop, which I really really didn't like.  I also used a small table and realized it was too small. The glass container is from my father's collection. I don't know the contents because it has not been consumed since he passed away. 

I definitely need to work on my photography skills and will give still life photography a second chance. I need to be 100% satisfied, so stay tuned.  

Tuesday, October 24, 2017


I've come to a realization, I love photographs that focus on texture.  I find them fascinating for various reasons. A great texture shot will remind you of the feel of something.  It will remind you of  a smell or taste of something you've enjoyed. It can transport you to a certain time of the year your yearn for. It can remind you of a time in your life you wish you can go back to. A great texture shot can tell you the age of something, the wise and many years something has existed.

This post was going to end with the paragraph above,  I actually hit publish but then I felt like I was not addressing all the feels I have with texture. I pulled the post and added the paragraph below.

When I think of texture I'm reminded of my fathers hands. I remember the night he passed away. I remember how I held his hands and thought to myself this would be the last time I would hold and see his hands and how I must remember exactly what they look and feel like. I remember that night and remember my uncle wearing denim on denim, I remember the buttons of his jacket. I remember wiping my tears on my olive green cargo pants and feeling the soft texture of the pants. I never wore these pants again.  I remember all these details and I re-live them every so often. While I wish these memories did not revolve around the worst night of my life, I am grateful that I can remember my dads hands. I remember how they felt and how working so many years in the carpet industry smoothed his hands. I remember how he always kept his nails short and clean. I remember the color of his skin being a few shades darker than mine.  I'm glad I remember these insignificant things that to me are so significant. 

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

No Shame

Speak up.
Say something.  
Stop the cycle. 
Don't wait for a trend.
Do more than a hashtag.
Don't wait for others to save you.
There is never shame in being a victim.
One person has the power to change many lives. 
Your voice has strength, your voice needs to be heard. 

Monday, October 16, 2017

Pretty Trash

" is in the eye of the beholder." -Margaret Wolfe Hungerford

Sunday, October 15, 2017

My Trip to The Museum of Ice Cream

Video clip of my trip to the Museum of Ice Cream. 
P.S. Museum has been extended through December, scoop up a ticket before it sells out again!