Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Dreary Paradise

A new year is upon us! Welcome 2017! I know, I know I'm 10 days late. 
You guys, California is finally having a real winter!! We've had rain almost on a weekly basis and its been cold (for California standards). Anyways, its a new year with so many changes upon us, saying good bye to a president and experiencing a new one that scares most of us. I don't know how the next four years will be but all I can do is hope for the best. 

When the unbelievable became reality, I'm not going to lie, I was angry and in disbelief. As the days and weeks have gone by I've sort of accepted it (insert eye rolling emoji). I think to myself, it's their turn. When you're a kid your parents teach you about sharing and caring. They teach you that everyone gets their turn and you need to be respectful and let your sibling or friend play with the toy for the same amount of time you got to play with it. So that's what I tell myself, it's their turn. 

 Hey you never know, maybe he'll get impeached. 

Monday, December 26, 2016

A Taco Bell Story

During the summer my husband decided he was due for a yearly physical exam. The results were not what he expected, diagnosis, fatty liver and good cholesterol was low. These results were enough for him to make drastic life changes with his diet. He changed his eating habits eliminating many delicious bad foods from his diet. My husband has always been very active so the combination of exercise and better eating habits resulted in major weight loss. Meanwhile, I continue to struggle to adopt all of these drastic changes. You guys! I crave all the bad stuff, chips, cookies, tacos, burritos, soda, pizza, Starbucks, Mc Donalds and Taco Bell to name a few.  Here is a little story of how I feel lately, I'll tell you guys later about this rooster. 

Me: when someone invites me to Taco Bell.

Ordering at the counter.

 When they ask if I'm going to eat all that food.

When they call my number.

When I'm done eating a mexican pizza, taco supremes, mini melt, cheesy potatos, and cinnabon delights

Walking out of Taco Bell.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Baseball Loyalty

Back in August my husband and I took a tour of our beloved Dodger Stadium. We've been coming to this stadium on a yearly basis for many, many years now and not until this year we did the actual tour. This post would've of been ideal when baseball season was in full swing or before all chances for the World Series were crushed. As an angeleno, I remind myself of the definition of 'Loyalty' at the end of every baseball season. I shouldn't complain, the poor cubs have suffered for 108 years.  This makes it less bitter.

Would you continue to be loyal to a team if 108 years go by with no championship? I think it depends on certain factors, for instance hometown team, family ties, great stadium and of course great team colors & logo (that's the girl in me). Most importantly, how you feel when your team wins. It such an awesome feeling when your team plays a great game that takes you on an emotional roller coaster. I have all of those feelings being a Dodger fan so I guess, there's always next year!

 Anyways, back to the tour. The tour was so awesome!! We did the Clubhouse Tour and were able to see the bullpen, clubhouse, press box, interview room, weight room and batting cages.  Oh and we walked on the field! Aside from access to all these areas, we got to see all the awards this organization has received throughout the years, so impressive. If you are a Dodger fan or a baseball fan you should definitely do this tour.

p.s. Congrats Cubs!!! That was such a great game!! 

Sunday, October 30, 2016

I'm Back!

Its been exactly 30 days since my last post. I wish I could say I was busy traveling the world snapping beautiful pictures, but that's far from the truth! I've been home trying to de-clutter my life. De-cluttering my life has been a lot of work and I realize its not as quick and easy as I anticipated. I had a yard sale, donated stuff and signed up for an app to sell some of my clothes. I spent two days cleaning out a closet and I still have 4 more closets to do!! 

Now, this hasn't been the only reason for my absence, I was having major computer problems. I wasn't able to upload pictures to my computer nor access the USB. Since I wasn't sure if this problem would get resolved or if I would need to purchase a new computer I just stopped doing anything related to photography or blogging.  Looking back, this was dumb! I should have still practiced my photography and when my computer problem was fixed I would've had all sorts on content to post. I guess I wasn't thinking, or was I being lazy? Well whatever the case was, I'm back! I just bought a new laptop and I'm excited to get back to practicing my photography and blogging. 

Friday, September 30, 2016


It's that time of year again, when the weather starts to feel chilly and the leaves start to turn colors and pumpkin flavor has invaded all shops. Well that seems to be the norm everywhere except for here in Southern California, its still hot here! But we are pretty much set with everything else. It's been so hot here lately that we are still rocking the short shorts and sandals, but this is normal for us. September is usually warm. However, we still feel the transition. 

Lately, I've been feeling a need for transition. I've been feeling like I'm living a cluttered life and I need to do something about it ASAP before it consumes me. I feel like I have too much stuff, too much clothes, too  many shoes (wait I don't think you can ever have to many shoes), and too much stuff that is unnecessary. I feel like my life is a big mess because of all this unnecessary stuff I have. I also feel like I can't move forward until I rid myself of all this stuff. I don't know how I got to this point but I'm trying to find a way out of it. I decided I'm diving in head first and hope it all works out. 

Has this ever happened to you? If so, let me know what you did to resolve it.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Sea Creatures in the Desert

I went to the desert and saw sea creatures! I did, I did! Last week my husband, sis and mom packed up our truck and headed to Scottsdale, Arizona. Our itinerary for this trip was hang out by the pool and chill at my uncles house. While there, my uncle told us about a new aquarium that just opened up and was next to a butterfly sanctuary we've visited in our previous trip. You can read more about that here. Since we didn't have anything to do but chill, we decided to pay the aquarium a visit. Its so so new that they were still putting some of the finishing touches like sign decals on the walls. We saw little bit of everything including sharks, alligators, turtles, penguins, piranhas, sting rays, etc, etc. Also they have a room that moves! Think of it as a carousel! That was really cool, relaxing and a little bit scary at the same time.  If you find yourself in Scottsdale, the aquarium and the butterfly sanctuary are worth visiting. For information on the aquarium click here.

Be sure to start the tour in the bathroom, you'll be amazed!