Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Current Interest

Minimalist Photography, I knew some basic things about this type of photography but wasn't really exposed to it. However, Instagram has really helped me expand my interest in minimalist photography. It amazes me how many talented photographers exists and how we can easily enjoy their work at any time of the day through Instagram. Okay enough about my love for Instagram.  So what is Minimalist Photography? It's basically a technique or style of photography that is simple and focused on a limited number of elements. Some might say "less is more" when it comes to minimalist photography. Feeling inspired by my Instagram feed, I thought I would give minimalist photography a shot. 

Actually I already shared one shot with you guys, I call it American Pirate:

I struggled with the cropping of this photo because I wasn't sure if I should include the flag pole or not, I decided to keep it but I'm still not 100% convinced. This photo was taken while I was walking from Venice beach to Santa Monica. The following picture was also taken during this walk.

I sort of wish the sky was clear at the time of this photo. I think a clear blue sky would've really given this picture a crisp clean look.

My last photo is what some artist would call Candy Minimal. Honestly my interest for minimalist photography grew because of Matt Crump, he is the creator of the digital art movement of candy colored minimal photography.  He describes his signature style as candy-colored negative space, surreal compositions, offbeat and Americana subjects. If you are interested in checking out his work click here

These photos are my initial attempt at this type of photography, but it's definitely something I would like pursue.

p.s. I just realized all three photos contain the subject on the right side of the picture.