Monday, October 9, 2017

Just a Little Taste...

A museum with a sprinkles pool and free ice cream, sign me up! 

My friend got us tickets to the hottest museum in LA and probably Instagram too! The Museum of Ice Cream! You guys when I saw this on Instagram I knew I had to find my way to this place. It's such a cool and cute place to visit. Luckily for me, I have a friend that likes these types of things too so she got us tickets and we finally went last week. We arrived a little early so we were sent to a grassy area where we could play some family games, we went with Jenga. When our time was up and we were called to enter the museum, we lined up and went over the rules with a very enthusiastic gal. 

So what is the museum of Ice Cream? I really didn't know but I knew I had to visit because all of the pictures on Instagram were just too adorable. If you are expecting a museum that provides history or information on Ice Cream, this is not the place for you. As described on their website, this place is where flavors are mysteries, toppings are toys, and sprinkles make the world a better place.  Yes, all of that is true!! We got the chance to hug a huge gummy bear, dial up an ice cream hot line, swing in a banana room, walk through a mint garden and jump into a sprinkles pool. My favorite was probably the sprinkles pool and boy I wish I can go back!

Unfortunately, this museum is sold out in Los Angeles and San Francisco. However, if I were you I would sign up on their website and follow them on Instagram to see if they come to your city. If they do, jump on those tickets ASAP!

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