Monday, October 27, 2014

I Imagine...

 I imagine people that live in the Venice Canals are awaken by sunlight beaming through their large bedroom windows. 

They slowly sip on coffee as they read the newspaper while wearing a chunky cable knit sweater sitting on their front porch. But this porch is no ordinary porch, this porch is filled with green lush plants and exotic flowers that attract beautiful insects. A small picket fence divides the porch and the sidewalk that leads to the canals. 

I imagine after reading the newspaper front to back, they open the picket white fence and take a jog around the canals. Running up and down each bridge.

In the evening, they dine while sipping on red wine and after dinner they ride their boats and paddle around the canals greeting their neighbors that are tending to the garden.  

I imagine the canals illuminated by flickering candles lit from each house. 

Or maybe everyone that lives here is like everyone else in America, rushing out the door trying to beat traffic and eating dinner while watching TV. 

Who knows, but its nice to imagine.

These pictures were taken at the Venice Canals in California with my iPhone. 

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