Thursday, December 28, 2017

In search of...

Last weekend my sister invited my mom and I to downtown. Usually when we go its because we are in search of something. This particular instance we were in search of a spoon. I'm not talking about any regular ordinary spoon, that would be crazy. See my sister was in search of spoon that would be long enough and wide enough to reach the bottom of a huge pot of posole. A spoon that would scoop the ideal proportion of hominy, meat and juice. So on Saturday around 11:00 a.m. we jumped on the freeway and headed to downtown. I'm never one to object to a downtown trip so I was ready to go as soon as it was suggested. 

In search of this special spoon our first stop would be 9th Street.  This street is know for endless options of party supplies, cooking supplies and food vendors. Knowing that their would be a wide variety of street vendors, we skipped breakfast and decided to eat on 9th Street. The trouble would be deciding on what to eat.   

Fruit in a cup, maybe for a snack? We'll circle back. 

Ice Cream? We should probably have food first. 

Garbanzo beans? Hmm that's an interesting option. 

Shrimp and Cheese? That's an interesting combo. 

Fruit juices, to quench your thirst?

Still need food before dessert. 

I would normally go for a hot dog, but with so many options I decided to skip it this time. 

I think Ice cream is a favorite on 9th Street. 

Annnnd... I think we have a winner! We went with this vendor she had a wide selection of tacos, pupusas, quesadillas, gorditas, hot dogs and fruit juices. 

I went with a Gordita! The lady gave me the option of putting whatever I wanted, so I picked carne asada as the meat, nopales, grilled onions, lettuce, green salsa, cheese, and sour cream. For a drink I had strawberry juice. It was the PERFECT meal!!! Insert drooling emoji. 

My mom went with a pupusa. 

My sister went with pupusa, taco and for a drink she had the spinach pineapple juice. Needless to say we were all happy! So our spoon search continued. 

Yes, those are reindeer piñatas on top of a crate of toilet paper. 


If you are planning a Mexican theme party, 9th Street is the place to go!

Or if you are having any type of party that requires a piñata, 9th Street is the place to go! 

Once we found the special posole spoon we went to the fashion district and did some shopping and then headed home. On our way home we saw the most beautiful sunset. It should be noted that the sunset photo has no filter. 

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P.s. These photos were taken on my iPhone and edited with a Color Story app. 

Monday, December 25, 2017

Faux Snow

Winter is officially here! The temperatures have started to dip, days are still somewhat warm but mornings and nights are very cold. On a cold winter night my husband and I decided to get one last visit from our seasons passes to Knottts Berry Farm. We went with the intent of dinning, walking and watching the shows. I must say the shows have really stepped up their game. We saw a total of three shows and I honestly liked all three. They were all very charming and truly entertaining. Definitely worth a visit.  I think my favorite show was the Ice skating.  Towards the ended of the night we headed to toward the front of the park and enjoyed a little faux snow. I always feel like there is so much more to a theme park than roller coasters. 

Thursday, December 7, 2017

4:04 p.m.

Last Sunday my husband and I stayed home and did some minor cleaning. I've been having some back issues so my mobility has been some what limited. Anyway, by 4 pm I was experiencing a little Cabin fever, so I decided to go outside and check on my plants. It amazes me how its the same backyard yet  I always find something beautiful to photograph. Its true, beauty is everywhere. 

I've been really into gardening lately so I apologize in advance for upcoming flower posts.