Sunday, November 27, 2016

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Baseball Loyalty

Back in August my husband and I took a tour of our beloved Dodger Stadium. We've been coming to this stadium on a yearly basis for many, many years now and not until this year we did the actual tour. This post would've of been ideal when baseball season was in full swing or before all chances for the World Series were crushed. As an angeleno, I remind myself of the definition of 'Loyalty' at the end of every baseball season. I shouldn't complain, the poor cubs have suffered for 108 years.  This makes it less bitter.

Would you continue to be loyal to a team if 108 years go by with no championship? I think it depends on certain factors, for instance hometown team, family ties, great stadium and of course great team colors & logo (that's the girl in me). Most importantly, how you feel when your team wins. It such an awesome feeling when your team plays a great game that takes you on an emotional roller coaster. I have all of those feelings being a Dodger fan so I guess, there's always next year!

 Anyways, back to the tour. The tour was so awesome!! We did the Clubhouse Tour and were able to see the bullpen, clubhouse, press box, interview room, weight room and batting cages.  Oh and we walked on the field! Aside from access to all these areas, we got to see all the awards this organization has received throughout the years, so impressive. If you are a Dodger fan or a baseball fan you should definitely do this tour.

p.s. Congrats Cubs!!! That was such a great game!!