Monday, February 29, 2016

Shadows of Love

Today is the last day of February, the month of love. The month where red roses sell like crazy and chocolates can be found in every household. I just want to remind everyone that just because the month is ending, the acts of love should not end. My suggestion, try not to fall back into routines, keep the love alive all year. Go on dates with your spouses, bring home flowers once in a while, buy someone their favorite chocolates, or have a weekend gateway. Give someone you love a gift for no particular reason. These little surprises can make someone's day and can keep the spark in any relationship. 
Let's not limit the acts of love to only spouses or partners, parents, siblings, and friends count too. I think this is something that a lot of people tend to forget and sometimes its hard to show your love, I know I'm guilty of this.   I'd love to hear what you guys do to keep the love alive everyday, feel free to leave a comment down below.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Big Bear Diary

My sister in law normally works weekends but this this past weekend she finally had the weekend off. She wanted to take advantage of her weekend and treat her kids to something fun and special. She invited my husband and I to tag along. Her top pick was a snow day! We live in Southern California and we are fortunate to have mountains two hours away. But because it's Southern California it was warm and the only snow to play with was man made. We didn't know this until we arrived but we didn't let this stop us.

We drove around and found a place where we were able to go snow tubing. It was a little busy but we made our way through the crowd and went into the park. Now, I've said this before and I'm not ashamed to say it again, "I'm a big chicken!"  As soon as we saw the slope my sister in law asked if I was really going to do the tubing? I took a good look and said "yes, it's not that high." She asked me because she is also a little bit of a chicken and figured if I backed out she can back out too. We collected our tubes and made our way up the slope.
This photo was taken by my husband.

Once on top there was even more people so I didn't really get a good look down until I was about to slide down. It was finally my turn and my husband decided to slide down with me. We each had our own donut but he held on to mine and we went down together. OH MY GOD! It was a lot scarier than I thought and as we were going down those were the exact same words I screamed out loud!  It was so scary but so much fun! We laughed so much but lets just say I stayed in the baby slope for the rest of the day.
After spending most of the day snow tubing, slipping, falling, and laughing we decided to call it a day and headed to the lake.


While at the lake we entertained ourselves taking pictures, throwing rocks into the lake and taking in the beautiful sights.   Once we were all tired we decided to head home and grab some pizza.  Our drive home did not disappoint, the sunset was beautiful.


It was so much fun to get out of the routine for a day and laugh so hard all day. I'm still laughing at some of the falls we had.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Winter Blooms


When I think of winter I think of dry bare trees, making the city look old and dirty. But if you look closely you'd be surprised to find beautiful bright flowers that spruce up the city. To be honest when I was younger I would never take time to notice these beautiful trees or smell the roses. So one day I finally decided to take notice.
Everyday I go to work I pass a factory that has white trees lining their parking lot and in one corner a big orange tree. So one warm Saturday I finally decided to stop and take a closer look. I fell in love with the colors, flowers and size of these trees.  Now all I need to know, what are the names of these beautiful trees?

Thursday, February 18, 2016

TBT: New York

 Ever since I've known my husband the only place he's ever wanted to visit was New York city. So the second big vacation my husband and I took as a married couple was to New York city. I had gone to New York prior to getting married with my sister and friends and it was a cool experience but very tiring. I guess as an Angeleno I wasn't used to all the walking. Nobody walks in LA! Anyways, in today's TBT post I wanted to share some pictures of the trip my husband and I made to New York. These photos were taken with a basic Cannon camera.
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Sunday, February 14, 2016

What's the point?

 The big day of love is over. Valentine's day this year landed on a Sunday. When you work in an office, Valentines starts on Friday. It starts on Friday because some of your coworkers receive flowers on this day. So whenever this holiday lands on a weekend Valentines always starts on Friday. I know this because I've worked in an office environment for about 15 years and have plenty of years to observe this. Every time I wonder why? 樂
Why would your love one want to send you flowers on the eve of the holiday or in some years up to two days in advance? Do significant others  feel like its necessary to demonstrate their love towards you in public otherwise it doesn't count? Do they feel like its necessary for their partners to have something to show off to their colleagues so they don't feel left out? Do they get a better deal if they buy in advance?
Maybe all of those scenarios apply, but guys, thanks to social media you can show off regardless of when Valentine's day lands on. 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Can you guys believe it's February? I still can't believe 2015 is done and over with, let alone 2 months into the new year. I've been feeling a little anxious knowing that in one month it will be an entire year my dad has been gone. I can't believe it, and sometimes I feel like time does not help. I feel like if anything its more days, weeks and months that I haven't seen him. Knowing that more time will add up and I will never see him breaks my heart all over again. I still can't talk about him because my eyes fill up with tears with just the thought of him. A knot takes over my throat and prevents me from spitting the words out. Sometimes I feel like this will never change and I worry that not speaking of him is wrong but I just can't.