Thursday, September 28, 2017


You guys, lately I feel like I've been a total Debbie Downer and I'm normally not like this. I felt like I was out of jokes, sarcastic comebacks and just not myself. I love music and singing to pretty much any song, but lately, I felt like I couldn't even remember lyrics to some of my favorite songs. I  felt like I was walking around with a knot in my throat and was ready to burst into tears at any minute. I'm not sure what was happening with me because I was feeling like this prior to the natural disasters, that brought me even more down. 

Today however, I feel like myself! I feel good! I feel like the sun is shinning on me. 
Maybe I had too much caffeine today?  

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Looking Ahead

 Everyday there are new horror stories of things that are happening around the world, that make me wonder, how far will things go? Will the current administration continue to lead us to destruction or will someone put a stop to him? Will the earth stop shaking and will the skies stop raining? Will countries stop fighting? Perhaps, or perhaps things will continue to worsen. Nobody knows, but I'd like to think that things will change, that there is hope, that all the ugly will end. I like to look ahead, seems like that's all I can do these days. 

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Last Day of Summer

Can you guys believe the summer has come to an end? I can't believe it. Fall arrives tomorrow and today we had some rain. I can't say that I'm ready and I'm starting to fear we have lots of cold days ahead of us. Like a typical girl, I am excited to switch up my wardrobe and makeup and start wearing some of those beautiful fall colors. 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


I write this post as I watch the Univision coverage of the Mexico earthquake. I was at work when I first heard the news and every half hour I would refresh the Internet to see what the latest updates of the earthquake. As the hours went by, the death toll increased. As I saw the images a knot in my throat grew bigger. When I got out of work I tuned the dial to the Spanish radio stations to hear more updates. 

The images and stories of this earthquake are so heart breaking that it makes me feel helpless, scared, useless and grateful. I live in sunny Southern California, where we do have earthquakes and I've experienced these earthquakes however I have never been directly affected by them. When I see the devastation I feel grateful. However, at the same time I feel guilty for feeling grateful. Guilt because I think to myself that I am so fortunate to be blessed and never experienced such a scary and horrific experience. 

I check my social media platforms and the Internet and notice that people are still living their lives like nothing happened. I think to myself how are people acting like nothing happened when I feel like I might burst into tears at any moment. I feel like people are so insensitive,  can they stop for one day and not post a selfie, an outfit of the day picture, or update me on what they're eating? Instead maybe use the time to see how you can help, how you can make an emergency plan for your family or how you can prepare yourself for any sort of emergency. Or you know what, maybe just spend time with loved ones that can be gone at any moment. I know it's not my place to tell anyone what to do or what to post, this is simply how I feel.  I know the world keeps on moving no matter what happens but sometimes we just gotta stop and take things in.  Also, prayer post! Don't just pray when there is a tragedy pray everyday! Its not necessary to post a "#Prayfor___ " post, praying is so personal and it's not necessary to let people know you are praying. Pray and keep it between you and God.

Perhaps I'm being too sensitive?
Too dramatic?
Maybe I'll regret this post tomorrow, I don't know, but this my blog and my opinions.

As my evening continued I finally reached home, and a song played on the radio that I felt so appropriate yet inappropriate at the same time. Inappropriate because its a happy cheerful song.  Its a song that I've always liked  but don't hear as often.  As I started singing, I finally let those tears out that I was holding in all day.

Oye, abre tus ojos, mira hacia arriba
Disfruta las cosas buenas que tiene la vida
Abre tus ojos, mira hacia arriba
Disfruta las cosas buenas que tiene la vida

Un descanso en el camino, una botella de vino
Un suspiro, una mirada, una alegre carcajada
Una cara en el espejo, un amigo un buen consejo
Un viaje en barco o velero, aunque no llegues primero
Un caballito herrero, que no corra por dinero
Un palmar, un riachuelo, un pedacito de cielo

Mira bien alrededor, y veras las cosas buenas
Que la vida es un amor, olvídate de tus penas

Oye, Abre tus ojos, mira hacia arriba, disfruta las cosas buenas
Que tiene la vida, abre tus ojos, mira hacia arriba
Disfruta las cosas buenas que tiene la vida

Una playa, un cumpleaños
Un buen recuerdo de antaño
Un olor a hierbabuena, una conversación amena
Un romance que a nacido, que te roba los sentidos
Un parque lleno de niños, un bellísimo cariño
Una lagrima, un momento, pese a todo sentimiento
Una música muy bella, un perfume, una estrella

Mira bien alrededor, y veras las cosas buenas
Que la vida es un amor, olvídate de tus penas

Oye, abre tus ojos, mira hacia arriba
Disfruta las cosas buenas que tiene la vida
Abre tus ojos, mira hacia arriba
Disfruta las cosas buenas que tiene la vida

Song: Oye, written by Rene Touzet, performed by La Zonora Dinamita.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

S'mores Regrets

One of my favorite drinks at Starbucks is the S'mores Frappuccino. I know sounds a little childish and even a little cliche, but its true. Anyway, for months now I have been craving coffee like nobody's business. In particular, iced coffee. This is weird for me because I've never been a coffee drinker. As a matter of fact, I can only handle coffee in small quantities. Coffee makes me nervous, gives me the jitters and makes my stomach go a little crazy.  Due to this crazy iced coffee craving I missed out on my favorite drink, the S'mores Frappuccino! I just realized last week that its discontinued! Aghhh!!!! Why did I let this happen to me?!?!?  Pumpkin Spice season is here and I don't think I'm ready!  This week I had an Iced Pumpkin Spice drink  but I was really wanting an iced coffee. Also, when am I'm going to get over the iced coffee craving?

p.s. This post is not sponsored by Starbucks. 
p.p.s. Sorry for so many exclamation marks! 
p.p.p.s I did have an actual s'more this month when I went to the beach and enjoyed this bonfire with family and friends.  

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Weekend Plans Canceled

I had plans this weekend to take advantage of not having plans and do things I  haven't had time to do. I wanted to do a little shopping, grab a little lunch with my family, take some photographs for this site and be a little more active on Instagram. But none of that happened. My weekend consisted of laying in bed and resting for 2 1/2 days. I've been stuck in bed with back pain and spasms. I don't know why or how this happened but I'm done with it. I've never experienced this before and I hope it never comes back. I laid in bed watching everyone enjoy life through social media and was wishing I was out there too! 

I guess it wasn't a total waste, I did catch up on Scandal and binged watched Insecure. 

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Arizona, I'm Falling in Love with You!

Two weeks ago, my husband and I woke up at 5:30 am and packed up our truck. We drove to my moms house and picked up my mom and sister. by 6:30 a.m. we were on our way. Our destination, Arizona! I know, I know Arizona doesn't sound like a vacation destination but my uncle lives there and his home is like a mini resort. 

This trip we had no really plans except for watch a baseball game and hang out with my uncle. We took a morning walk before the heat rolled in.

We swam most of the days and in the evenings we would enjoy a delicious dinner . Most nights we went for a night swim as well. One night we went to see The Glass Castle, so good and made me cry. 

The day before our departure we went to see the hole in the rock. We got a little lost and went to a botanical garden by accident. Because we were avoiding the heat we didn't go into the park and just asked for information of where this hole in the rock was at. We all agreed next time we would make sure to visit the botanical garden. 

After a few left turns, we found the famous Hole in the Rock! You guys this is so cool! I honestly didn't think it would be as big as it is. This pictures honestly don't do it justice! 

Across from the hole in the rock there is a beautiful park! Aghhh you guys, I wanted to spend all day here taking pictures, but alas the heat go to us. 

I think this is my third or fourth time visiting Arizona and I can honestly say every time I go I fall a little more in love!

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p.s I forgot to take my DSLR camera on my trip, hence the poor quality. Ugh I'm such a bad blogger. 


Seems like every week something happens that disappoints the human spirit. Sometimes it seems like things can't get any worse and the unbelievable becomes a reality. This week was one of those weeks. This week 800,000 dreamers had their dreams crushed. This is such an unfortunate situation and I honestly can't imagine how these dreamers are feeling.  I imagine they feel fear. Fear for the uncertainty of their future in the country they know as their home. 

Dreamers, don't give up! 
Keep dreaming! 
800,000 voices are too loud to ignore.