Sunday, February 14, 2016

What's the point?

 The big day of love is over. Valentine's day this year landed on a Sunday. When you work in an office, Valentines starts on Friday. It starts on Friday because some of your coworkers receive flowers on this day. So whenever this holiday lands on a weekend Valentines always starts on Friday. I know this because I've worked in an office environment for about 15 years and have plenty of years to observe this. Every time I wonder why? 樂
Why would your love one want to send you flowers on the eve of the holiday or in some years up to two days in advance? Do significant others  feel like its necessary to demonstrate their love towards you in public otherwise it doesn't count? Do they feel like its necessary for their partners to have something to show off to their colleagues so they don't feel left out? Do they get a better deal if they buy in advance?
Maybe all of those scenarios apply, but guys, thanks to social media you can show off regardless of when Valentine's day lands on. 