Friday, July 28, 2017

Three Days

I imagine an older couple sitting here watching the sunset. 

My view from the pool. 

Hanging with Lucile Ball.

Dodger's in action while we ate dinner.

Lechon Slider (SOOOO GOOD)

Turkey Sammy

Night swimming views.

This week my husband and I took three days off from work and headed to the desert. Our destination this time, Palm Springs. We had no plans but to lay by the pool, swim, eat, sleep and repeat. This was probably the first time we had a relaxing getaway. Most of the time when we go on vacations or little getaways, we normally consume our days with sightseeing and trying to see the most of a city. This time however was different. We've been to Palm Springs in the past and the heat was in the triple digits so there was no way we were doing anything but being in the pool. Something I love about Palm Springs is that they have lots of restaurants to choose from and not your typical franchise restaurants.  So we did a lot of eating, but I have no regrets. I feel so refreshed, relaxed and just glad we had those three days to ourselves. 

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