Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Giving Up?

Do you guys ever feel like giving up? Lately, I've been feeling like giving up on this blog. I've been thinking, what do I want out of this blog? Why am I doing this? Is this going anywhere? Am I even good at blogging? I started this blog back in September 2014, and I do enjoy the snapping of the photographs and sharing some of my thoughts here.  This blog has been sort of like a diary for me, a very public diary. Sometimes I feel that if I want this blog to succeed I need to be more active, post on a regular basis and be very active on social media, which honestly I'm not. I get so caught up in my daily tasks and forget to post daily activities like what I'm drinking or eating. And then I wonder, what type of success would I like to achieve from this blog? 

I've noticed that with anything, I always get thoughts in my head and start to second guess myself and feel like I suck, I should just quit. For instance, I've always had an interest in sewing and I always end up giving up mid way through a project. I end up giving into my thoughts and stop pursuing an interest. I think this blog has been the longest extra curricular activity/project I've ever pursued. I have lots of ideas for this blog but the execution of those ideas is lacking. Why do I give into the negative thoughts instead of the positive ones?

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