Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Cutest

You guys, Saturday my mail man brought the cutest mail ever! My husband went to get the mail and as he was walking back inside, he noticed a familiar address in the senders field of one of the envelopes. It was my parents address. Immediately we wondered what was being mailed to me from a house I frequent on a weekly basis.  I immediately ripped it open and to my surprise it was a super cute girl looking back at me. I flipped it open thinking it was an invitation that perhaps someone asked my sister to give to me. This happens sometimes, people will leave invitations or something at my parents house for me to pick up when I visit. I was wrong, it was a just because card from my sister.  My sister knew I would like this card and bought it and you know, she was right! I'm going to frame it and put it in my glam room.  Honestly, the message was the cutest. This tiny gesture made my day. I'm going to try to return this feeling to my sister and anyone else in the future. I just gotta make my way to the post office now.  

What do you guys do to brighten someones day? 

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