Monday, June 5, 2017

Memory Monday

Wishing this guy's noggin wasn't in the picture!

A black sand beach!

When my husband and I got married we were in escrow to buy our first home. We used our savings to buy our home, throw a little back yard wedding and buy our furniture for our home. Since we both lived at home with our parents, we had nothing to bring with us but our TVs, lots of Cd's, DVDs  and my huge shoe collection! Which by the way, when my husband saw all the shoes I owned he banned me from buying any shoes for like a year! It was rough and lets just say I had to sneak some shoes into my house. Okay, that's besides the point.  What I was getting at was that when we got married we had a lot of expenses, so there was definitely no budget for a honeymoon. One of the promises my husband made me when we got married was that in a year we would go on a honeymoon. My husband is a man of his word, and he delivered. Upon the anniversary of our first year of marriage, we went to Hawaii! Today, I 'm sharing some pictures of that trip. We stayed on the big island and were amazed of all the beautiful things this Island has to offer. 

These pictures were taken on a small Canon camera and have not been edited with any filter.  If you would like to see more flashback post click here and here.