Monday, October 13, 2014


Hispanic heritage month end this Wednesday, so along with three other Hispanics we headed to the most popular place in Los Angeles that represents the Hispanic community, El Pueblo/Olvera Street. 

My parents came from Mexico to the United States and have lived in California for more than half of their lives. Living in Los Angeles I was exposed to my Mexican heritage on the regular. As a kid, my sister and I had your typical toys every girl had, you know Barbies, Barbie's Dream House, Rainbow Brite, My Little Pony, Cabbage Patch Kids, okay you get it we were spoiled. But we also had things that represent our Mexican heritage. 

I know I had a small leather purse and a Oaxacan style rag doll...

and lets not forget the ceramic piggy bank.

We grew up watching telenovelas and comedy series that are  timeless classics. These pencil toppers were crafted to resemble those funny characters that every Mexican knows. 

We ate candies that were dipped in chili powder

and candy made from peanuts. 

Walking around El Pueblo/Olvera street I noticed that the Mexican culture is so colorful.I guess I never really paid much attention but how could I have never noticed, I mean look at these guitars!

I didn't do any shopping during my visit but I think I have to go back and pick up some items. I was eyeing the popular stripped serapes...

perhaps a floral table runner, look at those colors...

or some hand painted mugs to drink hot chocolate? 

Before I wrap things up here, I should mention the amazing leather products made in Mexico. I fell in love these clutches...

and this purse!! 

I was also reminded of the corn husk calla lilies, so colorful and pretty. I definitely need these in my home. 

Oh and if you find yourself wandering El Pueblo, be sure to stop at "Mr. Churro". They have some delicious churros filled with cajeta, strawberry, lechera milk  or any other yummy fillings that will make your mouth water. 

 I am proud to say I am Hispanic and these pictures represent my colorful Mexican culture. If you would like more information on El Pueblo/Olvera street click here.