Monday, September 28, 2015

Museum Day

I initially wrote this post to describe interesting facts about the museum, but then I thought you can find those details online if you google the museum. So I decided to write a brief recap of our experience. Saturday my mom, sister and myself decided we would escape the heat and hang out at the new Broad Museum in Downtown Los Angeles.  The admission free, but you need reservations. With no reservations we made our way to the long line of people like us that had no reservations. After standing in line for less than 10 minutes, a gal comes up to my sister and asks if we are a party of three. Turns out she had three reservation tickets and was not going to use them. Just our luck we were a party of three. We rushed our way to the line with people that had tickets and after 30 minutes of standing in line we were inside the museum.

The museum is three floors and the majority of the galleries are on the third floor. As soon as you enter  you see a 105 foot escalator that takes you up to the third floor.  Knowing nothing about art we started walking around and reading the descriptions of pieces that caught our eye. While there were plenty of pieces that were interesting and looked very intricate there were some pieces that made us wonder if these pieces were really considered art. We joked that we could probably create something nicer. As we kept walking, we came across some pieces that also made us wonder if they were appropriate for children. We were not alone with this thought, we saw some parents that seemed concerned of what their kids were seeing. With no kids in our party of three, we kept walking.

All in all I thought it was a very cool and interesting experience. I think my favorite pieces were the large installations,  some of these pieces are pictured above.  One of the coolest installations at the Broad was Ragnar Kjartansson, The Visitors. I don't want to give too much away but it's a nine screen video installation and it should not be missed. What we did miss was Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Mirrored Room, there was a five hour wait! It looks amazing and hopefully we can go back soon and check it out. 

If you find yourself in the Los Angeles area you should definitely check it out!

p.s If you are able to visit The Broad Museum take some time to appreciate the building itself, that alone is a piece of art!

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