Thursday, May 11, 2017


Why do teenagers think they're hot shit when they don't know shit? Maybe that question was a harsh way to start a post. Seriously though, teenagers want to be original and unique but fit in at the same time. Sometimes I wish I could knock some sense into the teenagers in my life and let them know that they're missing out on a lot of things because of their attitude. I know that being a teenager and making mistakes is part of life and growing up. I know, I know you learn from your mistakes. It's just that some mistakes can be very painful and tough. Some mistakes can be avoided.

After spending some time with some of the teenagers in my life, I realized its not entirely their fault. Lets face it, sometimes the parents are at fault. Sometimes I wish I could tell the parents that they're being stupid on how their raising their kids. That the path they are permitting their kids to continue on will probably lead to no good.  That the choices and actions as a parent, influence the lives of their kids and will probably effect them throughout their lives. Its crazy how an outsider can see all of this but the people in the middle of it can't.

p.s. This photograph is far from perfect and probably can't be fixed with editing but it reminds me of  the teenagers in my life. For reasons I can't explain, I sort of like the blurry haziness of it.  Anyway, just thought I would provide some insight of this photo.