Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Amoeba Music

My husband recently bought me a record player. I've been wanting one for more than a year now. I wanted one to listen to music that reminds me of my dad. In March it will be three years since my dad passed away, and I think I've said this here before but ever since my dad passed away I haven't really been able to listen to the music he loved. My dad loved all types of music, but the music I associate more with him is anything from the 50's through 80's. That's a big window! So when my dad died I completely avoided this type of music at all cost. I was basically left with hip hop, rap and pop. Which I already did like but my focus was only and completely in those genres. After almost three years I think I might be ready to listen to his music. 

So, my husband bought me a record player! I was so excited but I honestly only had one record, a Michael Jackson record lol. On the last day of the year , my husband took me to Amoeba Records in Hollywood! Days before I caught a major cold and I think he felt bad for me so he took me out before a caught a case of cabin fever. 

 First things first, when we arrived we had to look for parking so we circled to the back and parked on a side street.  One of the things I love of going to Hollywood or downtown is the amazing street art you will find. 

As soon as I got off the car I knew the street art was not going to let me down. 

I love it all! 

Once inside I was like a kid in a candy store. Eyes wide open and didn't know where to start.  The store was filled with all sorts of cool people and I felt like I was not cool enough to be shopping there. Haha! Eventually I started looking through the aisles and was able to find some gems. I bought: 
Fleetwood Mac because I love them! 
Rod Stewart because it was on clearance for $1.99 and I'm a Rod Stewart fan. 
Tito Puente because it actually reminded me of being at my uncles house in Arizona. 
An Elvis Presley album, because duh he is the king! 

My dad owned albums and my next mission is to go to my moms house and search for them in the shed. I'm excited to grow my collection and nervous to listen to my dad's music. I know it will be hard but I've missed him so much that maybe his music will give me some comfort. 

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