Monday, August 22, 2016

Mundo Autentico (Authentic World)

Mundo Autentico is a shopping center in Punta Cana that consist of four museums, that give you a little taste of the Dominican Republic. At Mundo Autentico you will have the opportunity to smoke a cigar, take rum shots, sip on coffee and give into your sweet tooth with some delicious chocolate. The shopping center is not your typical shopping center, its strictly consist of these four mini museums.  

My only regret during our trip to the Dominican Republic was that we didn't have the opportunity to walk around the town, check out the local shops and  taste some local street food. Visiting Mundo Autentico was the only opportunity we had to shop. Nice place to visit for 2 hours max but I'm still hungry for some local culture. 

This wraps up my posts for the Dominican Republic, it was such a beautiful and relaxing vacation. I wasn't able to take as many pictures  as I wanted because of the humidity. The humidity was so bad it would fog up my camera lens and all I could do was take some mental pictures but I'm happy with the memories my husband and I created.