Sunday, August 30, 2015

Quick Trip

My weekend started on Thursday this week, with a quick trip to Las Vegas. I was there for a conference so technically my visit was work related. The trip was only for one night and I was back home by Friday night. It was my first time staying at the Venetian and I must admit, it was nice!

I was stuck in the conference until 5:30, but once it was up we took a quick stroll through the canals and headed to the Caesar Palace with the hopes of grabbing dinner. When we finally reached the Caesars Palace we decided to eat at the Aria, so we kept walking. Oh did I mention it was very hot? Yes, we walked in the heat which made our walk feel like FOREVER. It finally dawned on one of us to walk through the Bellagio and enjoy the Air Conditioning. 

Once in the Bellagio we realized there is a tram that takes us directly to the Aria. Boy, were we  relieved! After all that walking in the heat we ended the night with drinks at Javier's. I went with the Black Mamba Martini.

Since I knew my visit would be really quick I didn't feel like taking my DSLR camera , so once again these photos were taken with my iphone 6.