Saturday, December 27, 2014

Sweet Country Charm

Lately it seems that everyone living in Southern California has a Disneyland annual pass. I know this because my Instagram feed usually consist of a weekly photo of somebody wearing Minnie ears or a sunset post of the enormous Mickey Ferris wheel.  While everyone is at Disneyland I'm over at Knott's Berry Farm but I can't complain, Knott's has a sweet country charm, see for yourself! 

With old fashion games and hand made wood work. 

Oh and not to forget a wooden roller coaster!

With tons of gifts that range from sweet  berry preserves...

to hand blown glass pieces made on site. 

Thought these little horses were adorable!

One of the things I enjoy at Knott's is the authentic Denver and Rio Grande Narrow Gauge train that has been in operation since the early 1920's but has been at the park since January 1952. 

Part of the park has had some new additions and they've incorporated new rides and spruced up some of the areas of the park. 

Another area of the park is known as Fiesta Village where you will find yourself in a Mexican inspired amusement park with Mexican swings, flying hats, and Mexican food. 

 My husband and I have annual passes to Knott's but we don't go on a weekly basis, prior to this visit the last time we went was in September which was right around the time the entire park goes through a Halloween transformation. Knott's is famous for their annual Knott's Scary Farm, so naturally they have a museum in the park dedicated to the scary transformation they do every year. 

So if you find yourself  wanting some country charm make your way to Knott's Berry Farm, you will definitely be happy.