Monday, December 15, 2014

Social Media

Social Media has made such an impact in our lives in the recent years. People have Facebook to stay in touch with family & friends, LinkedIn to network, Twitter to share thoughts of 144 characters, Pineterest to share ideas, Snapchat to send quick thoughts and Instagram to share a quick photo. I tend to be a very private person and in my personal life I share certain glimpses of my life  through Instagram. So when I started this blog I figured I would create an Instagram strictly for this blog. You can follow me  here on Instagram and  also on Bloglovin.  

You might be wondering what can you expect from my Instagram feed? Most bloggers post something on a daily basis from what they eat for breakfast to what outfit they are wearing for the day. To be honest I'm usually rushing out the door and eating a banana for breakfast, which isn't really Instagram worthy. So here is a little glimpse of some pictures that made it to Instagram but not to the blog. 

Hope to see you guys on Instagram! 

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